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                 Granada, July 2005 . Last revised and adapted: August  2011.


Can you answer these questions? 
  •  Is Gibraltar Spanish, English or British ?  
  • Can you go to Gibraltar only to buy things ? 
  • Should you drive on the left or on the right ?
  You will know the answers doing...



The local Government think that Andalusian and Spanish people in general have a distorted idea of Gibraltar. So they decided to "wash" the image of the place and the people living there and give a real and accurate one. 

You will take three different roles:  
  • A well-known historian and anthropologist.  
  • A representative member of  the G.T.O- (Gibraltar Tourist Office)  
  • A representative member of the G.B.S. (Gibraltar Board of Salesmen)

So you will try to find and give the correct information about "The Rock". Then you may also decide which the final product will be : an essay  which will be published in the School Magazine or a very complete tourist brochure about Gibraltar. You can use photographs and pictures to illustrate your work.


This work of investigation is subdivided into three different parts  and will take three or four working sessions maximum. Finally you will discuss and agree on the final report before it being presented as the Final Task.

The Final Task will include the following items:   
  • Main geographical features
  • Chronological  Prehistory and History summary .       
  • Society and population.  
  • Currency and language.    
  • The Government.     
  • The Mass Media 
  • Tourism and leisure.
For the completion of the task you will have to visit different web pages. You will be told how to do that in different ways in the different parts:
  • "Click" on the photo
  • "Visit this site"   
  • "Click " on the Question
You can also "click" on each of the URLs  in the PROCESS section in Resources if any of the pages  that you are going to visit does not open properly or you have any other problems.


The  group of 3 students will work as a team, not individually. This means that all of you must discuss and agree on the different matters together. 

First Part

Look at the pictures carefully and  Identify the place or the monument and give some relevant facts or circumstances about each one.

"Click" on each photo.

Photo 1

Photo 2

 Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5


Second Part  

You must make the route for the "Official Rock Tour" , indicating the places and monuments that are recommended to be visited.

Visit this site:  

After a long working time you will probably be tired and hungry. Have a rest in your work to have a meal. 
  • Visit a typical British restaurant. 
  • Make a selection of the best known ones, saying what kind of dishes you can eat there as a speciality.
Visit this site:

Third Part                            

Answer the following questionnaire. 
"Click" on each question. 

                  What happened in 1713?
                  2º Why is relevant "4 August 2004"? 
                  3º Who is Peter Caruana?
                  4º What is "Llanito"?
                  5º What is the origin of the present name of Gibraltar?
                  6º What is the money they use in Gibraltar?
                  7º What are "The Barbary Apes"? What is their origin?
                  8º List and date the civilizations that settled down in Gibraltar
                  9º What is, more or less, the population of Gibraltar?
                10º Name the most important "mass media"
                11º What is "The Great Siege"? 


If any of the links  fails or the page requested is not found, you can  search the following sites to complete the Final Task.


The evaluation of the Final Output will be done to all of the three members of the team together, according to the different aspects. 
   Correct Writing 

   New vocabulary learnt  

   Data organization

   Data accuracy

   Team work

   Final Score

The Global Score will result in the addition of the different aspects of the task, which will be marked 1 to 4, according to their quality.      
       Final Task  
      5 -  8
      9 - 12
    13 - 16  
    17 - 20  

Correct writing

Incorrect use of grammar and language structures. 
A lot  of mistakes in spelling   
Few mistakes in spelling, grammar and punctuation. 
Messy ideas; writing  not very complete and clear  
No mistakes in spelling and grammar and complete and clear ideas.  
Correct grammar, spelling and originality. 
Good writing and very complete and clear ideas  

New vocabulary

Poor use of vocabulary. You didn't incorporate almost any new word.
You didn't incorporate much of the new vocabulary .
You incorporated new vocabulary satisfactorily.  
Remarkable use and incorporation of new vocabulary.  
Data Accuracy 
Most answers are wrong and it seems that you have paid
little attention to the information on the  pages.
Most answers are right, but  you haven't understood the 
information enough or visited the pages  carefully  
Most answers are right and show that you have read all the 
information and explored the pages extensively.
Your answers are all correct and show that you have 
explored pages extensively and read the data accurately. 

Team Work                                                 
You worked separately most of the time and almost didn't 
share ideas or listened to each other to discuss the matters.
All of you participated  with the right role but, sometimes, 
one of the partners did not assume responsibility  and, therefore, 
the group didn't work properly 
All of you participated equally and and did what you had to do 
in the team. Everyone worked simultaneously and was responsible 
for his work and role sharing ideas and listened to each other
All of you participated equally and always collaborated in the 
team. Everyone worked simultaneously and was responsible for
individual work and role. Everyone shared ideas and listened to each other


Working on this page you will have put into practice team work and will have satisfactorily known a place of interesting cultural and touristy facts, many of which are directly related to the Spanish or European history and culture. In the same way, you will have contacted the British culture, history and language, and  will have also reinforced your  knowledge in Geography and History. You will  have also learnt or improved searching the Internet  and made your English vocabulary wider and richer.



Although this page was thought to be used in or for the English classroom, it could also be used by students of "Ciencias Sociales" whose knowledge of the English language is acceptable, specially in the levels 4º E.S.O and Bachillerato.

The main targets to be reached are to contact a culture, a history, a language which share elements with the Spanish culture, history and language, The students will have the opportunity to know a peculiar historical, cultural and touristy place which is near both in time and distance.

The students may also practice reading and writing so as to reinforce and renew their knowledge of the English language through a virtual visit to Gibraltar.

Resources can be searched for in two different ways:
a) In the Task section, the students are directly told what to do find the information they need. So they take less time in fulfilling their work. 
b) They students may have to do a more exhaustive searching, so the time they will spend will be longer. They  are given a list of links at the end of PROCESS in Resources. This is necessary when the pages cannot be opened due to technical reasons or changes in them.

As to the different roles, all of the three students must decide. The teacher may help them decide if they don't have it clear.

CREDITS & REFERENCE                                         

Our special thanks to Bernie Dodge,  Antonio Arenas Maestre, from C.E.P. of Granada and Aula Tecnológica Siglo XXI, for their interesting and practical information about templates and ideas on how to elaborate this WebQuest. 
We particularly  thank Isabel Pérez Torres for her invaluable guidance and devotion in our training for the completion and improvement of this Webquest. 

We equally thank, Discover,,,, and so many other public and private organizations which allowed us to use their pages, images, charts and maps only for educational purpose.

This WebQuest was initially elaborated with Microsoft FrontPage and is based on the adaptation and translation into Spanish by Isabel Pérez Torres of the template downloaded from the WebQuest Page with the permission of Bernie Dodge.

 Francisco Fernández Velasco.

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