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The Beatles group started in Liverpool. First there were five Beatles: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Pete Best, and Stu Sutcliffe. They played at the 'Cavern' club, and then in 1960, they went on tour to Germany. 

In 1961, on a second tour of Germany, Astrid Kircherr, Stu Sutcliffe's girlfriend, started the famous 'Beatle haircut'. Sadly, Sutcliffe became very ill in Germany and died there. Then, in 1962 Pete Best, the drummer, left the group and Ringo Starr joined.

In October 1962, the Beatles' first British record 'Love Me Do' was a success, and their second record 'Please, Please Me' was still more successful and reached Number One. In April 1963 their third record 'From Me to You' was Number One, and 'She Loves You' reached Number One in September. 'Beatlemania' was here and the Beatles became the most successful pop group in our lifetime.

In October 1963 the Beatles were the top stars at the London Palladium. That night fifteen million people also watched them on television, and suddenly the Beatles were famous. There were Beatle sweaters, Beatle badges, Beatle jackets, and even Beatle wigs! Teenage boys had Beatle haircuts and teachers often didn't allow them into school with their long hair.

The two most successful records in 1963 were 'She Loves You' and 'I Want To Hold Your Hand'. 'I Want To Hold Your Hand' became Number One in the U.S.A. and had the highest sales for a Beatles record in the world — over five million.

In December 1963, an important newspaper called the Beatles 'the greatest composers since Beethoven! 'What will they do next?' people wondered.

In February 1964 the Beatles arrived in New York.Reporters met them at the airport:
  • Will you sing something for us? 'We need money first', said John.
  • 'What is your ambition?' 'To come to America'.
  • 'Do you hope to get haircuts?' 'We had one yesterday'.
  • 'What do you think of Beethoven?'' I love him,' said Ringo. 'Especially his poems'.
The Beatles appeared on television in the U.S.A. and 73 million people watched them, the States was just like Britain", said Ringo, 'but ten times bigger'. In March 'Can't Buy Me Love' went to Number One and the Beatles also started their first film, A Hard Day's Night'. John Lennon's book, 'In His Own Write' became a best-seller.
The Beatles' biggest audience was in Adelaide, Australia. There were over 300,000 people - a bigger crowd than in New York or Liverpool. Their foreign tours continued and successes came quickly and easily. They made another film, 'Help!', in 1965 and in June they received MBEs from the Queen.
'We didn't believe it', they said. But it was true and they became the first pop stars with MBEs.

In December 1965 their new record 'Day Tripper' went immediately to Number One. Things were even better for the Beatles now. Ten records and ten Number Ones! But soon people started to ask: What are they going to do next? Will their success continue? 

In December 1965, the Beatles made 'Rubber Soul' and in August 1966, on tour in the U.S.A., they gave their last concert. In September 1966 they made 'Revolver', George went to India with his wife, and John appeared in a film, How I Won the War'. Then, suddenly, in June 1967, the Beatles' music changed. On their new record 'Sergeant Pepper', George played an Indian instrument, the 'sitar', and the group worked very hard at new recording techniques.
In 1963, four years earlier, 'Please, Please Me' cost £400 and they recorded it in one day. 'Sergeant Pepper' cost £25,000 and the recording took four months. However, the record did very well and was a big success.
Beatles Split Up.
In April 1970 the Beatles started to work separately. John met Yoko Ono in that year and went with her to the U.S.A. He and Yoko made records until 1975, but tragically, in December 1980, someone shot him in a New York street. Early in 1970 George became more interested in Indian music, and Paul started a new group, Wings', with his wife, Linda. John, George, Paul, and Ringo made records separately after 1970, but they were always good friends and they often helped each other with their records. Today, over fifty years after their first record, the Beatles are still very popular and people will always love them and their music.

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