24 de agosto de 2011


Exercise 1

Match the sports terms with an appropriate definition. Do as many as you can and then check your answers in the dictionary.

a) Referee  b) competition c) bat  d) course f) umpire h) stadium e) set g) match

1 _____ a complete game of football

2 ______ a place where golf is played
3 _____ games played to find the best team
4 ______ person who judges a game of tennis
5 _____ person who judges a game of football

6 ______ something used to hit a ball
7______ place where big sports events take place
8 _____ , part of a game of tennis or table tennis

Exercise 2

Match each action with one of the definitions below. 


 a) jump b) serve c) kick d) dive e) shoot f) pass g) tackle h) commit a foul

1 ______send (the ball) to another player

2 _____ do something against the rules of the game
3 _____ throw yourself forwards or sideways
4 ______ begin playing for a new point
5 ______ try to get a point or goal

6 ______ take both feet off the ground
7 _____ stop someone from continuing (with the ball)
8 _____ hit with your foot

Exercise 3

Answer these questions with the names of sports from the list 


 In which sports . . .?

1 do you pass a ball from one player to another? (4)
2 do you hit a ball (but not with hands or feet)? (3)
3 do you score goals? (1)
4 do you have to jump to catch the ball? (2)
5 do you have to serve? (3)
6 do you have to shoot? (2)
7 do you win by having the lowest score? (1)
8 do you have to tackle? (2)

a) tennis
b) football  c) table tennis d) golf e) basketball f) volleyball g) American football

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